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Tai Dian massage salon is looking for person who carries our future

The most important thing to heal the customer’s mental and physical is “smile”. A Customer will not be satisfied without “smile” even if you have wonderful skill. Headquarter staffs who do not contact directly with customers also need “smile”. Never results a good smile customer service from a non-smile company. Would you like to work at a “smile” company?


Tai Dian Massage Salon is waiting somebody who has charming “smile”

Salon stuff Work location : Each salon Store manager candidate/Front desk/Cook/Waitress/Massager/Cleaning staff
Head office stuff Work location : Dalian Translator/Interpreters/Facility stuff/Planner/Sales staff
Note The treatment and pay are negotiable by age experience, and etc…

Pay & Welfare

Various benefits include subsidies, allowances, bonuses, and salary increases. Also, insurance systems and educational systems are also fulfilling.


Introducing skill of ancestor.  The highest level of training system

Introducing skill of ancestor. The highest level of training system

In order to satisfy people around the world, the development of globally competitive human resources is essential. Now, all of our massagers have licenses. We conduct a wide range of training such as “skills” and “hospitality” in the division.


Excellent "skills" and warm "heart"

We also conduct a educational training by trainers who have license of examiner for certification exam or the highest level of massage license.

Introducing skill of ancestor

Introducing skill of ancestor

In addition, we have had a business alliance with WatPhoThaiTraditionalMedicalSchool that was opened in Wat Pho where is known as the Temple of the huge golden Reclining Buddha. We have introduced a training session of home skill.

Salons Introduction

  • Dalian Zhong Shan Road

    Dalian Zhong Shan Road

  • Dalian Ming Dian Fang

    Dalian Ming Dian Fang

  • Shenyang Peace Ward

    Shenyang Peace Ward

  • Yunnan Li Jiang

    Yunnan Li Jiang

  • Henan Xin Xiang

    Henan Xin Xiang

  • Seoul, Korea

    Seoul, Korea

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An Oral Quiz TAI DIAN MASSAGE SALON Dalian Zhong Shan Road
TEL 0411-82656533
Visiting Everyday 11:00~24:00
Access NO.143 Zhong Shan Road Xigang District Ji Hotel 5floor

Methods of applying for other positions

Human resource stuff Dalian Seikou international Trade Inc Human Resource Department
Apply by phone 0411-82656533
Visiting Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00
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